Pro-Bariawell Osteo-D

400,00 AED


Product description

Following bariatric surgery, calcium and vitamin D intake and absorption are restricted.

Osteo-D contains vitamin D3, but also calciumcitrate, which is recommended for its great bioavailability, vitamin K2 (135 mcg in 2 capsules), known to contribute to the prevention of arterial calcification and silica (5mg) .

Osteo-D contains per 2 capsules:

Vitamin D (50 mcg), which contributes to: normal absorption of calcium and normal calcium levels in the blood, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and the normal functioning of muscles and the immune system.

Calcium (190 mg), which contributes to maintenance of strong teeth and bones, normal functioning of the muscles, normal coagulation, energy production, normal functioning of neurotransmission and digestive enzymes.

Content & use

1 capsule every morning (jar contains 180 capsules)


Recommendation for use and more details: go to the Downloads tab.

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