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Pro Well Medical Nutrition is a company which believes in continuous improvement and above all in human potential. It is more than a company, it is a family and a tremendous school of life.

Our prime interest is to provide our customers the best quality-price healthy food supplements to meet their well being needs, but also their personal expectations. 

We propose reliable and efficient healthy nutritional supplements manufactured in France with top quality, with ingredients meticulously chosen to meet the best state of health for our patients.

Pro Well Medical Nutrition cares about you and about your successful weight loss for a better future!

Located in Belgium and France, Pro Well is now available in the Middle East Market…

We offer a full solution for patients facing obesity problems :

Your Bariatric process starts even before the procedure !

Today you can optimise the safety of your surgery with Pre-operative Weight loss. A Protein-Sparing Modified Fast diet (PSMF) is the best way to prepare your body.

Containing sachets of high protein meals that surgeon’s prescribe during 7 to 14 days before surgery to reduce problems related “fatty liver” before the surgical procedure.

1 400,00 د.إ

Pro Well Bariatricbox Surgery
Probariawell healthy food supplements Osteo-D Ferrocomplex MVM

Healthy Food Supplements

This is the most complete association of Healthy supplements after a Obesity Surgery on the Market.

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``A company which believes in Human Choice``

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